November 23, 2013

On this day November 23rd...

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On this day...on November 23, 1897 Andrew J. Beard, an African American inventor was awarded Patent # 594,059. Despite having no formal education in engineering or metalwork, Beard had invented an automatic railroad car-coupling device called the Jenny Coupler.

Prior to the Jenny Coupler train cars were joined together manually, causing thousands of railroad workers to lose their hands, arms, and even their lives. Born in Eastlake, Alabama, in 1850, Beard labored for years in railroad yards where he personally witnessed horrific accidents when workers tried to execute the rapid procedure of manually coupling train cars with a pin.

Andrew J Beard puts patents on the jerry coupler, is still used today to connect railroad cars Beard sold his lifesaving invention to a New York company for $50,000.

Also on November 23, 1897 John Lee Love received Patent No. 594,114 for inventing the Pencil Sharpener.

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