December 07, 2013

On this day December 7th...

DARC Ethiophile Chronicles

December 7, 1874 White Democrats killed seventy-five Black Republicans in a massacre at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

In the first few years after the war, the Ku Klux Klan became active but was suppressed about 1870. By the mid-1870s, new paramilitary groups had arisen in the Deep South. On December 7, 1874 in the Vicksburg Massacre, white men killed at least 75 black residents. Alternate accounts estimated that upwards of 300 blacks were killed in the city and the surrounding area. The Red Shirts, a paramilitary organization that acted as an arm of the Democratic Party, was active in Vicksburg and other Mississippi areas. President Ulysses S. Grant sent Federal troops to Vicksburg to quell the violence. In the aftermath of the Vicksburg Massacre, other States adopted what they called the Mississippi Plan. At election times, paramilitary groups' intimidated Black Republican voters into staying away from the polls, thereby preventing the election of any Republicans or Blacks, despite their legal right to vote. By the late 1870s, the Democrats had regained power in state legislatures across the former Confederacy.

Lynching and other forms of vigilante violence continued to occur in Vicksburg after the start of the 20th century as well. In May 1903, for example, two black men charged with murdering a planter were taken from jail by a mob of 200 farmers and lynched before they went to trial.

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