January 03, 2014

On this day January 3rd...

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On this day

3rd. January, 1987 South African Labour Party Leader, Reverend Allan Hendrikse, who is known for voicing his disagreement with the government publicly despite being part of P W Botha's cabinet, swam at a "Whites-only" beach in Port Elizabeth in protest against the limited reform measures introduced by the Botha regime.

The Rev. Allan Hendrickse, was a minister in President P.W. Botha's cabinet, who stepped down after fourteen years as leader of the Labour Party. He later joined the African National Congress (ANC) and was appointed as an ANC senator in the upper house of the new democratic Parliament. Hendrickse is remembered for his contribution to the struggle against apartheid and for the positive role he played in the transition to democracy, especially for his defiance of the Separate Amenities Act when he swam at a beach reserved for Whites, though he later apologized for his actions as result of an attack on the national television by State President P.W. Botha. He was awarded the Order of the Baobab (Silver Class) in 2004. Hendrickse transitioned via heart attack at the age 77 on 16 March 2005.




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