February 03, 2014

On this day February 3rd

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On this day

In what was deemed the Confederate Flag Protest, on February 3, 1988 In Montgomery, Alabama, Thomas Reed, president of the Alabama chapter of the NAACP, was arrested after he and 13 others attempted to strike a Confederate flag flying atop the state capitol building.

A district judge on January 11, 1989 convicted the head of the Alabama National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Thomas Reed, as well as 13 black legislators on a misdemeanor trespassing charge in their protest against the Confederate battle flag flying atop the state Capitol.

Judge Craig Miller of Montgomery County fined each defendant $100 plus court costs. The nonjury trial ended last month, but the judge did not issue his verdict until now.

The ruling came nearly a year after Mr. Reed, at the time a member of the state House of Representatives, and the other legislators marched to the Capitol and tried to climb a fence surrounding it in a symbolic effort to remove the flag from the dome.

They never got into the Capitol grounds, which have been closed off with a fence during restoration work, and the flag continues to fly on a staff with the American and state flags.

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