April 06, 2014

On this day April 7th

DARC Ethiophile Chronicles

On this day

Dunghutti Aboriginal people April 7, 1997.   The Dunghutti Aboriginal people of New South Wales in Australia and other stakeholders negotiate the first successful claim under the Native Title Act.

The Native Title Act 1993 ("NTA") is a law passed by the Australian Parliament the purpose of which is "to provide a national system for the recognition and protection of native title and for its co-existence with the national land management system".   The Act was passed by the Keating Government following the High Court's decision in Mabo v Queensland (No 2) (1992). The Act commenced operation on 1 January 1994.   This legislation aimed to codify the Mabo decision and implemented strategies to facilitate the process of recognizing native title.   The Act also established the National Native Title Tribunal, to register, hear and determine native title claims.   The Dunghutti people were affected by government policy, through resistance to colonial process, suffered massacres by settlers and police, Were incorporated into economy through clearing bush and stock work, Segregated into reserves at Bellbrook, Burnt Bridge by Aboriginal Protection Board, followed by assimilation policies of Aboriginal Welfare Board.


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