April 12, 2014

On this day April 12th

DARC Ethiophile Chronicles

On this day

William Richard Tolbert, Jr. the grandson of a former American slave from South Carolina who emigrated to Liberia in the Liberian exodus of 1878, was killed in a Coup d'état. The Tolbert clan was one of the largest Americo-Liberian families in Liberia. Tolbert was elected Vice president to William Tubman in 1952 and served in that position until Tubman's death in 1971 In May 1975,

Liberia helped to establish (ECOWAS) the Economic Community of West African States. This was in order to create a common market in the Afrian region with economic integration and stability similar to the European Common Market. Tolbert administration grew opposition. Some of which he banned.Protests began to spiral in the country. Tolberts credibility began to decrease.

On April 12, 1980 William Richard Tolbert, Jr was killed in a Coup d'état lead by Master Sergeant Samuel Doe. Tolbert's body was later buried in Monrovia's Palm Grove Cemetery. Most of the cabinet members of the Tolbert regime had been put on trial and sentenced to death. Many were publicly executed near the Barclay Training Center in Monrovia.

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