April 16, 2014

On this day April 16th

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On this day

April 16, 1868 Louisiana voted for a new constitution and elected state officers, including unprecedented racial selections. The first Black state treasurer, Antoine Dubuclet and the first Black lieutenant governor, Oscar J. Dunn. A major amendment to the new constitution banned segregation in public accommodation: Article Thirteen stated "All the persons shall enjoy equal rights and privileges upon any conveyances of a public character; and all places of business, or of public resort, or for which a license is required by either State, Parish or municipal authority, shall be deemed places of a public character and shall be opened to the accommodation and patronage of all persons, without distinction or discrimination on account of race or color."

Even though 94 years later to day, there was an issue with the New Orleans parochial schools. Three Louisiana segregationists were excommunicated by Archbishop Joseph Rummel for continuing their opposition to his order for integration.

Antoine Dubuclet; first Black state treasurer  | Oscar J. Dunn; first Black lieutenant governor,



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