May 08, 2014

On this day May 8th


DARC Ethiophile Chronicles

On this day

May 8, 1945 a massacre of Africans occured in Algeria by French troops. Peaceful demonstrators came under fire initially from french troops then french settlers added to the casualties. A whopping number of 45,000 was recorded dead.

This was not the 1st peaceful protest by the indigenious, they often felt the need to complain to authorities about the racist environment that was inflicted upon them. One example was the reservation of bread for Europeans. as a matter of fact, 15,000 people had protested in the streets of Mostaganem earlier without any incidents.

On 8th of May, 1945 starting at 9am, demonstrators proceeded with their nationalism, chanting slogans such as 'vive l'independance'. They were attacked by troops commanded by General Duval. The city was soon ravaged by dead bodies of men, women, and children. The days that followed did not ease up, itintensified as french settlers murdered mourners while taking the dead to the cemetery.

Those responsible were not prosecuted for the crimes carried out in Algeria.

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