May 28, 2014

On this day May 28th

DARC Ethiophile Chronicles

On this day

On 28 May1991, Ethiopians People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) captured the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The Meles Zinawi, a popular rebel leader, led the EPRDF and probably the only candidate capable of unseating Mengistu Haile Mariam. Zinawi waged a successful rebel war against the forces of Mengistu and his appointment marked the end of years of civil war in the country. After this development, Zenawi became head of the interim government.  

The country was now taking a new path, moving away from the grip of ethnic strife. On taking over as head of the new government, Zenawi promised a democratic dispensation for his nation of 50 million, as well as economic and agricultural reforms.

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