June 29, 2014

On this day June 29th

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On this day

29 June, 1820 a vessel of slave escapees were captured by the United States. Over 200 African slaves went thru a dreadful ordeal rendering scores of themselves dead, missing or re-enslaved, approximately 20 years prior to "Amistad".

It was a Thursday in June, the 29th around midday when 283 African Slaves were aboard the vessel "The Antelope", when they were chased at sea and eventually captured like a pack of wild dogs by the United States vessel called "Dallas" under the command of John Jackson. The area of capture took place off the coast of Florida.

Of the approximate 2,500 slaves that were captured, 2 were missing, 120 died, and 39 were re-enslaved of which were primarily men. Only a small few were released from custody by the US Supreme court and sent to Liberia. The capture of the ship called the Antelope gave way to a US Court case called The Antelope.  The Antelope, 23 U.S. 66 (1825), was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States considered, for the first time, the legitimacy of the international slave trade, and determined "that possession on board of a vessel was evidence of property".

The slaves that tried to escape knew of the horrible repercussions if they were to be caught, nonetheless they chose to take the chance as they thought things couldnt possibly be worse that their prior condition. Captivity beyond ones will can cause a people to resort to dire solutions. DARC salutes the bravery of the men and women of the stuggle who deem it neccesary to act in order to pave to way for thier people to live on as creation intended.

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