July 22, 2014

On this day July 20th...


On July 20, 1922 The League of Nations hands over German colonies. The League of Nations, the international body that preceded the United Nations, agreed to hand over three former German colonies as mandates. Tanganyika, which formed the greater part of the German colony Deutsche Ostafrika, was transferred to Britain and in 1961 became independent as Tanzania. The greater part of the colony of Togo and lesser part of it, Togoland, were handed over to France and Britain respectively. The Togo colony became independent in 1960 while Togoland became part of Ghana in 1957. The German colony of Kamerun was handed over to the French as Cameroun (which eventually became Cameroon in 1960) and to the British as British Cameroon North (became Nigeria in 1961) and British Cameroon South eventually joined with Cameroon in 1961.The League of Nations was an international organization that existed between 1920 and 1946. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the League of Nations vowed to promote international cooperation and preserve global peace. The League achieved some success, but it ultimately was unable to prevent the even deadlier World War II.As a matter of fact the League signed its own death warrant when it turned its back on Emperor Haile Sellassie 1st and Ethiopia.  

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