August 17, 2014

On this day August 17th

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On this day
August 17, 1887 Marcus Garvey the Jamaican Black nationalist who advocated the departure of African-Americans back to Africa, is born in St Ann Jamaica W.I..
Marcus Garvey's name is synonymous with Pan-Africanism.  He was born in Jamaica on 17 August 1887, and as a young man developed a love for reading. At the age of 14, Garvey went left for Kingston to work in a printing house, where some years later he was elected vice president of the Kingston Union.
Following his involvement in a strike, he left Jamaica, travelled to Central America and started a newspaper called La Nacionale in 1911. He then left for London and wrote for the African Times and Orient Review, where he developed his ideas on black unity. Upon his return to Jamaica in 1914, he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), in which his ideal of uniting the African diaspora could be realized.
Garvey then travelled to the United States in the hopes of raising funds to establish a private black university in Jamaica. Two years after his arrival in the United States, Garvey held his first public lecture in New York City.
By May 1917, he had established the first UNIA branch outside Jamaica. He began to address the issues of social, political and economic equality for black people and set about developing an economic program for the advancement of black people worldwide, which included the purchase of ships for the repatriation of the black diaspora to Africa, Liberia in particular.
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