October 26, 2013

On this day...On October 26, 1806,

DARC's Ethiophile Chronicles
On this day...
On October 26, 1806, Benjamin Banneker inventor and scientist, trod onto the ancestor realm at the age of 74. Bro. Benjamin was a Moor! A.K.A. Ben- Bay. He also was a Dogan, this is a Nation... of people from Mali, Africa. They are direct descendants of the Ancient Ethiopian/Egyptians {Kemetians}.
Benjamin fought against slavery, he even wrote letters to Thomas Jefferson. He and John Hanson (first black president) instructed the founding fathers on how to set up the government. They taught them - Wabanaki Confederacy} which they stole and copied along with other Moorish and Native- American Nations Constitutions.
Another of his great accomplishments is the design of Washington D.C. The lay out of Washington D.C. is align with the stars in the universe! Very few place on earth are designed like this. Egypt {Kemet} / Holy Kemetic Empire. So the buildings have to line-up with the stars. There are only a few people in the world that can do this astro- architecture, astro means stars and architecture means design & building. As a mathematician & inventor these are strong skills you need for astro- architecture. With those skills he also wrote the first farmers almanac, which uses lunar (moon) combined with solar (sun) to predict weather patterns and season.
He also invented the first striking clock / that is the clock we use today! {tic/ toc- tic/ toc} that is called a striking clock which is different from a sweeping hand on the clock! He is also credited with the Big Ben clock in London, England, and it being nick-named after him Big Ben.
Also on October 26, 1872 Inventor T. Marshall patented the fire extinguisher

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