November 07, 2013

On this Day...October 30th, 1966

On this Day...

Huey Newton and Bobby Seale students at an Oakland, California college create the Black Panther Party for Self Defense on this day, October 30th, in 1966.
The Black Panther Party, also known as the Black Panther Party for... Self-Defense was founded on the principles of improving the lives of Black Americans. They emphasized Black Nationalism and equality for all Black people. They combated the racist oppression of White America and fought actively to change the twisted institutions that allowed Blacks to suffer constant abuse at the hands of others.Other primary principles of the Party includes, Equality for Women, Free Breakfast for School Children, Self-Defense in the Black Community, the Implementation of “Survival Programs”, and Black Pride.
The Black Panther Party permanently shifted the climate of American life during the sixties and their impact extends to the present time. Their efforts contributed greatly to our status today as a civil, tolerant, fair nation for minorities even though there are still strides to be made toward the freedom of Black Americans.

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