August 24, 2016

On This Day August 24th...

On this day August 24th in the year 1950 Edith Sampson was appointed the first Black representative in the United States delegation to the United Nations.

Edith Spurlock Sampson who was an American lawyer and judge, was also the first black woman elected judge to a municipal court. Her other accomplishments includes:

- Being the first woman to earn a Master of Laws from Loyola University's Graduate Law School in 1927.

- She became one of The first black members of the National Association of Women Lawyers in 1943.

- Edith Sampson was also appointed an Assistant State's Attorney in Cook County In 1947.

In 1949, Sampson was part of the Round-the-World Town Meeting, which was a program that sent twenty-six prominent Americans on a world tour meeting leaders of foreign countries and participating in public political debates, and radio broadcasts.

Finally in 1961 and 1962, she became the first black U.S. representative to NATO.

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