July 31, 2016

On This Day, July 31st...

On this day July 31, 1498 - Christopher Columbus, on his third voyage to the Western Hemisphere, arrived at the island of Trinidad. Terrorism haven’t cease on the island since that day.

Also on this day July 31, 1981 Attorney Arnette R. Hubbard installed as the first woman president of the National Bar Association. Arnette Hubbard has been a pioneer for black women in the legal field. She became a lawyer at a time when very few women, and even fewer black women, were pursuing law degrees. Hubbard spent 28 years working as a lawyer before becoming a Circuit Court Judge. She is also an active member of numerous professional organizations. Most notably, Hubbard was the first female president of the National Bar

Association, the largest organization of black lawyers and judges.In addition to these responsibilities, Hubbard has been a passionate and outspoken proponent of civil rights, particularly voting rights.Here are a few of Attorney Hubbard’s accomplishments: Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1969-72; Lawyer, private practice, 1972-97; Chicago Cable Commission, 1985-89; Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, 1989-97; Circuit Court Judge 1997–.O  

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