December 07, 2013

Madiba's Journey Home - July 18, 1918 - December 5, 2013

The Spiritual Birth of an Ancestor

His Excellency Rolihlahla Mandela

The father of a nation and global ambassador Brother Mandela has transitioned into the realm of an Ancestor at the tender age of 95.   Serving an extraordinary life full of purpose and resilience, Brother Mandela fought tirelessly to end racial segregation and tyranny in South Africa.  The struggle began early on when his primary school teacher gave him the name Nelson instead of referring to him by his birth name Rolihlahla.  Rolihlahla meaning “pulling the branch of a tree” in Xhosa, one of the official languages of the land.    This subtle stripping of identity was only the beginning, as it was customary to give children “Christian” names.  Since then the community and later the world grew to know Rolihlahla as Nelson.  But many South Africans affectionately call him Madiba, his clan name and sign of respect.

Nelson Mandela was born into a royal family.  He was well educated and studied law.  He became immersed in politics and joined movements to end the injustices that left South Africans subjected to cruelty.  He was a force that rallied people to fight against the government.  Months before his capture Mandela secretly fled to Ethiopia under an alias name where he received military training.  He met with H.I.M Emperor Haile Sellassie 1st and explain to him what was occurring in South Africa.  Mandela can be quoted saying the Emperor was “an impressive fellow, man, very impressive.” Soon after, he returned to South Africa he was arrested.  And in 1964 was sentenced to life imprisonment.  He was charged for leaving the country illegally and rallying against a government who kept apartheid alive in order to keep its natives subservient to white oppression.   Throughout his ordeals he continued to study and demand respect even from prison guards.  He spent nearly 3 decades in imprisoned bondage. 
Six years after his release, Nelson Mandela became the country’s first democratically elected President. Nelson Mandela continued the fight against racial inequality.  The enormous impact that he made around the globe can be heard today, as the sounds of cries are echoed throughout the world. The irony is that while in prison, he was forced to work in the salt mines where he injured his eyes, thereafter his tear ducts was surgically removed. The operation left him unable to cry. 

Rise in Eternal Glory Tata Madiba and Walk Good...

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