August 04, 2014

DARCLIGHT Zine; Summer 2014 edition

Greetings to the Great RasTafari Nation, 
The Rastafari Renaissance continues... The Diaspora African RasTafari Congress (DARC) takes this opportunity to introduce you too darclight Zine! for your on-line RasTafari experience. This is a seasonal publication that covers the gambit of RasTafari livity.

Michael said:

Hello Darclight team,

I came across your online zine, which has some very interesting articles on African history and culture. I thought the article on the summer solstice in the summer 2014 edition was very informative and recognised it from a longer article:

I wondered if you could attribute the authors of the original article so that people can follow it up and find out more about the spiritual history of these solar events:

The same passages also appear in The Path of the Spiritual Sun by the same authors:

Thanks very much for your help,

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