November 02, 2017

Blessed Coronation Day!


The Great Coronation of 1930 was held in St George’s Cathedral, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This 225th coronation of Africa Zion Devine Ruler breaks from tradition in two ways.  First the event was postponed for seven months as oppose to the customary 48 hours or less & secondly the Empress was crowned in the same ceremony and not three days later.
Among the gifts received by HIM seven were of major significance, namely, the two traditional Lances (spears) filigreed in gold; the Imperial Vestments; the Sword; the Imperial Scepter of ivory and gold; the Golden Orb (globe); a diamond incrusted Ring; The Triple Crown.
The 1930 Coronation was the third time Mr. Tafari was crowned, he was 1st as Regent Tafari 1916;  2nd as Negus Tafari in 1928, and 3rd as Negus Negast on November 2nd 1930.

The new ruler obtained the name Haile Sellassie from his baptism, which took place when he was only three days old. It means might of the Trinity therefore the crowned Emperor become Qädamawi Haile Sellassie  “1st might or power of the Trinity”.
The words  “I am the least of my brethren” uttered by H.I.M. at the coronation reflects the highest level of humility and divine character.
DARC says Fiqir Bandinet  and Melkam Great Coronation Anniversary to all.


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