September 10, 2016

DARC Says, "Walk Good Prince Buster."

Prince Buster aka Cecil Bustamente Campbell hailed from Kingston, having been born on Orange Street – now known as the heart and soul of Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae. He went to Bed on September 8th and never wakes up. Melancholic though it may be, his transition was pain free. Prince Buster was one of Jamaica’s musical Heroes. His Sound System Prince Buster the Voice of the People used to play hits after hits on Waltham Park Road 28a Dance Hall.

The 1960s were prolific for Campbell not only for the songs released but also for his production work on Oh Carolina by the Folkes Brother in 1960. The year 1964 saw a heavyweight meeting between Campbell and the “greatest” boxer Muhammad Ali, who invited him to attend a Nation of Islam talk in Miami. In 1967 The Prince had a huge top 40 hit in the UK with the single “Al Capone”. Campbell returned to the UK charts in 1998 with his song “Whine and Grine”, which was used in a Levi's advert.

That's where we heard all of the Prince Buster new releases, tunes like “Time longer than Rope”; “They got to come”; “They Got to Go”; “Wash Wash”; “Judge Dread”; “Madness”; “Fowl Thief”; “Shaking up Orange Street”; “Enjoy yourself”; “Hard man fe Dead”; “Rough Rider”; And the list goes on. How can we ever forget the first ever-musical feud between The Prince and Derrick Morgan when he did “Blackhead China Man”? Prince Buster you touch countless people’s life and left a Legacy of music for Generations to come. Travel Good Prince.


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