September 11, 2016

Ethnic Cleansing Ethiopian Style

Ethiopians ushered the New Year 2009 on Sunday September 11th, however all isn’t well in the land of Civilization’s genesis, as many Ethiopian singers and players of instruments have decided to boycott Ethiopia’s New Year’s celebration. This is because of the brutal treatment being imposed upon the Ethiopian people by it’s Government forces.

At least 17 singers have backed out of gigs to be held in various venues in the capital, Addis Ababa, and other cities. Oromo singer Abush Zeleke was among those who announced their decision on their official Facebook and Twitter pages. Demonstrations began in the Oromo region last November in opposition to the annexing of their territory by the Tigrean. This situation escalated when Tigrean annexed the Amahiea territory. Over the weekend at least 80 inmates died in a fire at a prison where anti-government protesters were reportedly being held. Anding insult to injury, an outspoken Ras Tari bredren  home was invaded and he was brutally murdered in Sashamane. Finally all classes that were scheduled to reopen after the new year has been postponed for at least one month.

Some Ethiopian singers who live abroad are following suit. For example, US-based singer, Abby Lakew, announced she had cancelled all shows in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas: and issued the following statement: “I do not want to perform on any stage as of right now while my people are dying!!! I will pray for peace and I believe in one love!!! All people should be treated equally, with the same rights, dignity and human rights.”


Stay tuned as the situation unfolds.

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