August 10, 2016


Reggae Legend Peter Tosh’s Grammy award is currently sitting in LBC Boutique & Loan Pawn Shop, which is located in Somerville Massachusetts USA. According to the shop assistant manager Merion Yohannes it became the store’s property when a relative pawned it along with another piece of music history in March but was unable to repay the agreed upon loan.

Yohannes says that his shop had kept the Grammy in storage until recently. They finally decided to put it on display once TMZ discovered that the have it. He further stated “this I can tell you is the most interesting piece in the shop’s collection which includes Super Bowl rings, Whitey Bulger collectibles along with Tosh’s guitar.” 

The guitar is now on sale for as much as $20,000. But the Grammy is not. According to rules from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, selling the Grammy is strictly prohibited.

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