June 16, 1976 Soweto Youth Uprising Casualties:

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Name               Place of death             Age                  Date                  Cause of death

Adams, Sandra Joyce     Kew Town          15          16.9.76  Shot in front of head (ricochet) on 3rd floor balcony

Adriaanse, Noel John     Hanover Park    13          2.9.76   Shot through left side of head

Africa, Pieter     Montagu            24          11.9.76  White Supply. Details of death under investigation

Albern, Bazil      Elsie's River        16          9.9.76   Shot to side of abdomen

Allie, Abduraghman       Ravensmead                  7.9.76   Shot in chest from front

Appolis, Christopher      Menenberg        16          10.9.76  Shot in head from front, Jordaan Road

August, Victor L.              Gugulethu                       31.12.76             Reported missing during December disturbances

Bakubaku, Golden          Nyanga              26.12.76             Killed by migrant workers

Balnardo, Gary Sandy    Grassy Park        19          16.9.76  Shot through buttock and chest from front, at Head Road.

Barnes, Isaac     Bonteheuwel     16          25.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Barnes, SydneyGugulethu          32          26.8.76  Beaten to death by group of migrant workers

Barron, James   Soweto              26.12.76             Shot through the head

Bezuidenhout, Isaac      Mosselbay                      14.9.76Burried

Bota, Michael    Nyanga East                    26.12.76             Shot dead

Botha, William  Nyanga              26.12.76             Killed by migrant workers

Botha, Neville, J.G.         Retreat20          8.9.76   Shot in stomach from front

Buba, Lawrence              Philippi14          9.9.76   Shot in chest from front

Buthelezi, Leonard         Soweto39          4.8.76   Gunshot wounds to the head and body

Buthelezi, Joyce                           16          26.12.76             Shotgun wounds to chest and head when police fired on students at Sekano-Ntoane High School

Carolissen, Gasant         Hanover Park    21          2.9.76   Shot in chest from front

Carolissen, Ronald C.     Stellenbosch      22          9.9.76  

Cezala, Bonekeli                                        31.12.76             Reported missing in December disturbances

Cloete, Joseph E.                         30          9.9.76   Shot in cheek and abdomen from front and in back and neck from behind

Cook,, Faried     Manenberg        16          9.9.76   Shot in neck from behind

Cooke, RodneyBontehewel       24          25.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Dajee, Bhanudey            Retreat37          8.9.76   Shot in lungs and heart

Daniels, Patrick J             Elsises' River      24          9.9.76   Shot in back of head

Daniels, John     Retreat35          8.9.76   Shot in left side of chest

Daniels, Kammips           Cleetesville        33          7.9.76   Shot dead

Davids, John      Menenberg        16          9.9.76   Shot in head from behind, in Thomas Avenue

Davids, Mogamat Rushaad         Athlone              24          27.12.76             Shot in back

Dlanza, Dennis Bantu    Langa    22          27.12.76             Shot in Langa

Dondi, T.S.B.     Gugulethu                       16.9.76Shot

Domtsa, Mellville N.                    46          26.12.76             Shot dead

Dube, Yvonne   Paarl East           45          9.9.76   Inquest revealed that she died after seven pellets from a shotgun had been fired at her. The magistrate found that no body could be held responsible for her death. She had been among a group of people throwing stones.

Dunga, Gidliza   Epton                 1.12.76Shot dead

Dithipe, Elifas    Kagiso                31.12.76            

Dladla, Baby      Soweto28          14.6.76Shot through the head

Dlamini, Emmanuel       Soweto              26.12.76            

Edelstein, Melville Leonard         Soweto              16.6.76

Eesterhuizen, Johannes Hendrik              Soweto              26.12.76            

Elliot, Charles    Manenberg        16          9.9.76   Shot in abdomen from font

Essop, DawoodBonteheuwel     30          25.8.76  Shot in back

Ferguson, Herry A.J.D    Hanover Park    30          2.9.76   Shot through lungs from behind

Finch, Alfred A.Retreat15          9.9.76   Shot in right side of chest from front

Fish, Edward     Ravensmead     25          7.9.76   Shot in right side of chest and abdomen from front

Fisher, Ivy          Langa    32          12.8.76Shot in right side of head

Follie, Enoch      Soweto              18.6.76Shot above the heart

Garnie, R.W.      Alexandra                       26.12.76             Shot in right shoulder

Gasnola, Suleman          Lansdowene      17          9.9.76   Shot in chest from side

Gcwabe, Abel Daniso     Gugulethu                       1.11.76  Shot dead

Genu, Fetras      Gugulethu          18          12.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Gincana, Atwell                           18.6.76

Gishi, Jackson                 67          27.12.76             Under investigation

Gobile, Christopher        Gugulethu          26          21.8.76  Shot in abdomen from front

Godwe, JefferySoweto              18.6.76

Gonxeka, Sidney Z.         Langa    18          28.12.76             Shot dead

Gule, Petrus       Soweto              15         26.8.76 Gunshot wound of head

Gumata, Jumba              Soweto26          26.12.76            

Gushamn, Mhlangabezi E           Gugulethu          28          11.8.76Shot in head from front

Guwa, Nelson   Gugulethu          48          26.12.76             Axed to death by migrant workers

Harris, Ronald   Silvertown          25          16.9.76  Shot in chest from front

Hlakula, Stanley MlamliGugulethu          26          27.12.76             Shot dead

Hoogaardt, Spasiena     Hugenot, Paarl  15          9.9.76   Shotss

Hlatshwayo, Joyce          Soweto              26.12.76            

Hlongwane, Johannes   Soweto43          12.9.76

Hlongwane, Petros         Soweto29          25.7.76

Hlokwane, N.C.Alexandra                       26.12.76             Crushed by bus

Isaacs, Colin      Retreat31          9.9.76   Shot in neck from behind

Isaacs, John       Manenberg        15          9.9.76   Shot

Jacobs, Shaheed             Distirct Six          15          3.9.76   Shot through side of neck and chest at corner of Sackville and Vincent Streets, Cape Town.

Jacobs, MervynElsies' River        16          8.9.76   Shot in back

Jacobs, John      Manenberg        15          9.9.76   Shot in arm and chest from left at Green Dolphin Bottle Store, Jordaan Road.

Jelems, Government      Nyanga              27.12.76             Shot and axed to death

Johnson, Erol    Manenberg                     4.2.77   Shot in stomach

Jonas, Lawrence             Nyanga26          26.12.76             Killed by migrant workers

Kahn, Nazeem   Manenberg                     16.9.76  Shot in chest and abdomen from an angle

Kalakahla, Samson Fantu            Soweto26          25.8.76

Kalane, GeorgeSoweto15          26.12.76            

Kamesi, Andries              Gugulethu          25          11.8.76 Shot in head from front

Kamfer, Christiaan B.     Ravensmead     16          7.9.76   Shot in chest from front

Khalipha, Richard           Nyanga4months             15.1.77  Cause of death unknown

Khan, Naziem    Manenberg        15          16.9.76

Kleinschmidt, AmgelineElsis' River          31          8.9.76   Shot in back of head

Komani, Brian   Nyanga27          26.12.76             Shot dead

Kumalo, JosephGugulethu          22          3.9.76   Shot in abdomen from front

Kwisomba, Harry            Gugulethu          30          26.12,76             Shot to death

Kambule, Eliakim Sutu                50                       Multiple injuries to body

Kekane, Andries              Mamelodi                       31,12,76            

Kekane, Shadrack           Soweto              26.12.76            

Keokame, Marshall        Soweto              16.6.76

Kgampe, Philemon         Soweto              26.12.76            

Kgapule, Edward             Soweto              26.12.77            

Kgate, Sydney                 46                       Shot dead

Kgoadi, Gustov  Soweto              26.12.76            

Kgokong, LindaDaveyton                        31.12.76            

Kgongoana, Ariel "Pro"  Soweto              16.6.76

Kgupisi, Herbert              Soweto              26.12.76            

Khaje, Sydney Kabelo     Soweto47          26.12.76             Shot

Khambule, Godfrey        Soweto12          24.8.76  Gun shot wounds when police fired at crowd

Khoza, John       Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Khumalo, Columbus      Soweto              26.12.76            

Khumalo, Daniel             Soweto24          19.6.76  Multiple injuries to body.

Khumalo, Nehemiah M.              Soweto24          21.6.76  Stabbed above the heart.

Koalana, Doctor              Soweto              26.12.76            

Koalana, Willy   Soweto              26.12.76            

Kobedi, Kabelo  Soweto              25.6.76

Koloane, David D.                        16          24.8/76  Gunshot wound. Police alleged at inquest that he attacked a policeman with an axe

Kolonga, David  Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Kubeka, Johannes          Soweto24          16.7.76  Gunshot wounds to left leg. Died of haemorrhage

Khubeka, Hilton              Soweto19          17.6.76

Khubeka, Robert             Soweto24          26.12.76             Stab wounds

Khubeka, Zabulon          Soweto47          22.8.76

Kumalo, Zolile   Soweto                          

Kunene, Edward             Soweto42          18.6.76  Stabbed twice on left side of chest

Kunene, Norman                         27          17.6.76  Shot

Kwadi, Gunston              Soweto32          26.8.76  Gunshot wounds to head

Kwinana, Gregory           Soweto38          17.6.76

Laaka, Erick                     58          17.9.76  Multiple wounds to stomach

Lebelo, Abiel     Soweto20          4.8.76   Shot and teargassed

Leburu, John     Soweto23          18.6.76

Leburu, Nathaniel                        39                       Bullet through spinal cord

Ledwaba, Jacob              Soweto              26.12.76            

Lee, Ralph, R     Retreat34          8.9.76   Shot in neck from front

Leepo, Junior                              19.1.77  Burnt to death by petrol bomb

Lengwali, Patrick             Soweto              11.1.77

Lengwathi, Patrick Themba         Soweto              16.6.76Shot

Lepota, David                              26.12.76            

Leroke, Hermina             Soweto                           26.12.77           

Lesele, Tutu John            Langa    45          11.8.76  Shot in calf, buttock and chest from behind

Lesejane, Ashely             Moepong                       31.12.76            

Lesumi, J.           Soweto              26.12.76             Assaulted by hostel inmates with choppers

Letlaku, J.           Soweto              26.12.76            

Letleka, Dominic             Soweto4            18.6.76

Letsholo, Peter  Soweto21          25.8.76

Leukes, Owen   Bonteheumwel17                       Reported in official police list as a casualty not resulting from police action.

Limba, Cyril Ivan             Manenberg        18          9.9.76   Shot in back and small of back at Vistula Tavern Bottle Store

Linda, Petrus King           Soweto26          26.12.76             Killed by gunshot.

Lloyd, Jan           Soweto              26.12.76            

Louw, Samuel   Gugulethu          42          11.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Lucas, Cornelius              Mosselbay                                   Died prior to September 15

Lutiya, Wiseman             Gugulethu          22          11.8.76  Shot in abdominal cavity

Luphindo, Inspector       Soweto24          2.7.76  

Lupiwane, Goowill          Soweto35          18.2.77  Fractured skull

Luvatsha, Reginald         Soweto              26.12.76            

Luvatsha, Thembo          Soweto              26.6.76  Bullet wounds below stomach

Mabandla, Selby             Soweto58          26.12.76             Chopped on head when hostel dwellers attacked Soweto Residents

Mabaso, Erick   Soweto18          26.12.76            

Mabaso, Mathabeni      Soweto              26.12.76            

Mabaso, N         Soweto              26.12.76             Shot

Mabena, Peter  Soweto              26.12.76             Stabbed

Mabitsa, Steven                           58          19.6.76  Stab wounds in chest - died during riots

Maboya, Bennet             Soweto              26.12.76            

Maboya, Bernard           Soweto              26.12.76            

Mabuku, Glagys              Soweto              26.12.76            

Mabunda, Sam Boy        Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Mabuya, B.        Soweto              26.12.76             Bullet wound to mouth and shoulder

Mabuza, Patrick              Soweto24          17.9.76

Mabuza, Shadrack          Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Mabyka, Gladys              Soweto26          18.2.77

Madibo, P.         Alexandra                       26.12.76             Shot in left shoulder

Madikane, Daniel           Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Madzivhandla, Patrick   Soweto              26.12.76            

Madupe, Johannes                                               Disappeared during June 1976 in Ga-Rankuwa. Police have no further records

Maepa, Simon  Soweto              26.12.76            

Maga, Dane       Alexandra                       26.12.76             Bullet wound

Magadani, Florence       Soweto              26.12.76            

Magagula, Petrus                         49                       Shot dead

Mahapo, Godfrey           Soweto              26.12.76            

Mahasha, Daniel            Soweto              26.12.77            

Mahlaba, David              Soweto24          26.12.78            

Mahlambi, Pauline         Soweto              26.12.79             Bullet wound on thigh.

Mahlaza, Raymond        Soweto24          17.6.76  Shot in hip

Mahlinza, Maxwell         Soweto24          17.6.76  Shot in hip

Mahopo, G.       Soweto              26.12.76             Shot

Mahurawe, Titus                         13                       Shot in the back.

Maichetha, Walter         Soweto15          26.12.76            

Mailangwe, Richard       Soweto              26.12.76            

Maipa, Simon    Soweto              26.12.77            

Majambela, Archibald   Gugulethu          23          11.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Majamba, Douglas         Philippi20          12.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Majeka, Rebecca             Langa    37          11.8.76  Shot through neck from behind

Majoko, DanielSoweto              26.12.78            

Majola, Nongoentu        Soweto28          8.8.76   Shot dead by Railway police

Majola, Boy       Soweto              26.12.76            

Majola, Titus     Soweto15          19.7.76

Makaluza, EllenGugulethu                       26.12.76             Axed to death by migrant workers

Makundayi, Monica       Gugulethu          5            26.12.76             Shot dead

Makate, Washington     Soweto26          25.8.76  Shotgun pellet wounds to both legs. Died of haemorrhage.

Makari, Abraham           Soweto43          18.2.77  Stab wound

Makate, Washington T  Soweto              26.12.76             Shot through the neck.

Makgabane, Peter          Soweto              26.12.76            

Makgetle, David              Soweto              26.12.76            

Makhabane, Petrus K.   Soweto              26.12.76             Shot in chest and stomach

Makhari, Abraham         Soweto33          26.12.76            

Makhetha, Percy                          15          26.12.76.            Bullet wound

Makhotla, Makhosi        Soweto41          7.9.76   Gunshot wounds to abdomen

Malindisa, George          Soweto23          31.7.76

Mamogobo, Ezra                         49          24.7.76  Head and body injuries

Maneli, Gladwell, V.       Gugulethu                       2.1.77   Beaten to death by group of migrant workers

  1. Soweto              26.12.76            

Manganyi, Victor            Soweto              26.12.76            

Manhayi, Arthur             Soweto24          24.8.76  Chopped to death, allegedly by hostel dwellers

Mankayi, Benjamin        Soweto39          23.8.76  Stabbed during attack by hostel dweller.

Mankayi, Gideon            Soweto39          24.8.76  Cut across the head with sharp instrument

Maphalala, S.    Soweto              27.8.76  Shot

March, Phillip    Soweto16          20.6.76  Shot thrice through the head.

Marney, AlfredRetreat18          16.9.76  Shot in small of back

Maseko, Sara    Soweto46          17.6.76  Fatal gunshot wounds to thighs. Died of haemorrhage

Maseko, Sylvester Vusi  Soweto21          20.9.76  Gunshot wounds to the head.

Masiba, Nkululo, S.        Gugulethu          22          11.8.76  Shot in right shoulder from behind

Masimango, Bernard     Soweto              26.12.76            

Masuku, Themba           Soweto              26.12.76            

Masenya, Grace              Soweto              26.12.76            

Mashaba, Johannes       Soweto22          26.12.76             Strangulation

Mashiane, F.B.  Soweto              26.8.76Shot

Mashinini, Morris           Soweto              26.12.76            

Mashombo, Ben             Soweto              26.12.76            

Masilela, Aby    Soweto24          26.12.76             Multiple injuries

Masilo, Boas Sydney      Soweto              26.12.76            

Masilo, E.N.       Soweto              24.8.76  Chopped by hostel residents

Masinga, DavidSoweto19          16.6.76

Masuiga, DavidSoweto19          16.6.76

Mathabathe, Aaron       Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Mathagane, Elifas           Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Mathebula, Jacob Sydney           Soweto22          4.7.76   Shot through leg

Mathebula, Josiah          Soweto54          26.12.76             Spinal cord injury

Matheson, Reginald C.  Retreat18          8.9.76   Shot in back, neck and head from behind

Mathobela, Johan          Soweto19          12.8.76

Matimela, Lazarus          Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Matlhaku, Samuel          Soweto66          26.6.76

Matome, Mackenzie      Soweto              26.12.76            

Matsabu, Abel Jan          Soweto              26.12.76            

Matsapola, E.    Soweto              26.12.76             Two bullet wounds

Matsepe, Jeffrey             Soweto              26.12.76            

Matsunyane, James Sello            Soweto              26.12.76             Shot in the back, the bullet went through the body

Mavimbela, Sipho          Soweto              18.6.76  Shot through chest

Matyeni, Wellington K.               21          31.12.76             Reported missing in December 1976

May, Nicholas   Retreat19          8.9.76   Shot in back

Mazomba, Boy Charles              18          14.9.76  Gunshot wounds while allegedly sabotaging a railway line before he fled from constable who shot him.

Mazwai, Zizwe  Gugulethu          18          8.9.76   Went to visit friend at 6pm. 8.9.76. His was found in the mortuary the next day.

Mbali, James                  15          1.12.76  Shot dead

Mbatha, Ames  Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Mbatha, Dumisani Isaac                           16          25.9.76

Mbatha, Sipho ClementSoweto22          24.10.76             Multiple shotgun wounds in chest and abdomen.

Mbebe, Frank   Soweto              26.12.76            

Mbeki, PrincessSoweto              17.9.76  Police fired on crowed of students at Sekano-Ntoane High School. Gunshot wounds.

Mbele, Aaron    Soweto              26.12.76             Struck by bullet.

Mbele, Simon    Soweto              24.10.76             Died of bullet wounds in the head and chest.

Mbengwane, Stanley     Soweto28          26.12.76            

McDeci, Richard              Manenberg        35          9.9.76   Shot in back

Mchunu, Moses              Soweto12          26.12.76             Gross mutilation of the head.

Mda, John          Soweto32          17.6.76  Gunshot wounds to chest and lungs

Mdayi, Dambile, S.         Langa    24          11.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Menwe, Peter   Soweto              26.12.76            

Mevana, DavidSoweto              26.12.76             Shot through sternum

Meyer, Karel      Sheerwood Park             45          9.9.76   Shot in right buttock from behind

Mhlanga, Samuel            Soweto17          26.12.76             Fractured skull

Mhlongo, Felix  Alexandra                       18.6.76  Shot - wounded in lung, heart and spinal column

Miller, Lord        Soweto              26.12.76            

Mithi, Lily           Soweto              26.12.76            

Mjamba, Douglas           Gugulethu          20          12.8.76

Mkafulo, Cajulo              Langa    36          11.8.76  Shot through back and heart from behind

Mkhize, Tusokwakhe     Soweto              26.12.76            

Mkhotlana, Elias             Moletsane         43          26.12.76            

Mkhwanazi, Israel          Soweto26          26.12.76             Stab wounds

Mkhwanazi, Lindiwe      Soweto              26.12.76            

Mkwanzi, L        Soweto              26.12.76             Shot

Mlangeni, Lea   Soweto              26.12.76            

Mlangeni, Mbopha        Soweto18          14.9.76

Mlilo, Amos                    30          24.8.76  Police told inquest court that he could have been a victim of hostel dwellers in Soweto.

Mlotshwa, Derrick                       23          14.9.76  Multiple bullet wounds to chest

Mmutle, Dennis              Soweto              26.12.76             Bullet wound through the side

Mncedisi, Mazwi             Gugulethu          16          9.9.76   Left for soccer practice on 9.9.76. His body was found in the mortuary the next day.

Mncube, Gideon             Soweto20          15.7.76

Mnculwane, MantombiSoweto              26.12.76             Shot

Mngemane, Morris        Soweto18          20.6.76  Five bullet wounds.

Mngoma, Tenson           Soweto              26.12.76            

Mngomezulu, Simon      Soweto29          18.6.76

Moatlhudi, Agnes           Soweto10          26.12.76            

Moatse, Titus    Soweto15          19.7.76

Modisane, Samuel Oupa             Soweto19          24.8.76  Bullet wound through the heart. Was found dead in the street not far from his house. He was hit by some pellets when the crowd dispersed.

Modise, Peter                60                       Head injuries

Modise, J.          Dobsonville                    26.12.76             Shot in the stomach

Modukanele, Isaac Rasebata     Alexandra                       26.12.76             Shot

Modukanele, Jacob        Soweto              26.12.76            

Moerane, Jacob              Soweto23          19.6.76  Burnt under vehicle

Mofokeng, R.A.Soweto              17.6.76  Stabbed with bottle

Mogapi, Samuel                           4            5.3.77   Shot in head

Mogapi, Stephen                                      26.12.76            

Mogola, Johannes          Soweto              26.12.76            

Mogotsi, Nchimane Philemon    Soweto              26.12.76            

Mofokeng, Raymond     Soweto14          25.8.7  6unshot wounds to chest and neck

Mohamme, J.    Soweto              24.8.76   Stabbed in the stomach, face sliced off

Mohapi, StevenSoweto58          18.2.77  Head injuries

Mohapi, Jacob               16          23.9.76  Died of bullet wounds to lung

Mohlabane, Mphele      Soweto              26.12.76            

Mohwaduba, Simon      Mabopane                      31.12.76            

Mokgatle, Mohatle Moses          Soweto47          26.12.76             Stab wounds

Mokobi, Cornelius                       24          30.8.76  Found dead with shotgun wound in chest

Mokoena, Moremane                14                       Two bullet wounds to chest and leg

Mokoena, Amos             Soweto              26.12.76            

Mokoena, Moses            Soweto              26.12.76            

Mokoena, Vincent          Soweto              26.12.76            

  1. Soweto              26,12,76            

Molefe, John     Soweto19          25.6.76

Molefe, Peter    Soweto21          26.12.76            

  1. Soweto              18.6.76Shot in the stomach

Moloi, Joseph Karabo                 16          29.9.76  Bullet through stomach

Moloi, Philadelphia                     17                       Shot dead

Mononyane, Joseph S.  Soweto              18.6.76

Montjane, Elijah             Soweto              26.12.76            

Mooketsi, Johan             Soweto              26.12.76            

Morolong, Bruce                                       31.12.76             Reported missing after December disturbances

Morolong, J.P.   Soweto              23.9.76  Stabbed and beaten to death

Moses, Phillip    Ravensmead     41          7.9.76   Shot in stomach from front

Mosie, Ezekiel, Z. X.        Langa    18          12.8.76  Shot in head from front in front of Langa Police Station

Mothutsane, Petrus                    25          25.8.76  Gunshot wound to chest

Motsweni, Daniel Nethan           Soweto              25.9.76  Gunshot wounds

Mphetha, Lawrence       Soweto              26.12.76            

Mphithi, Joseph              Soweto                          

Mpinga, JosephSoweto34          25.9.76

Mpusula, Simon              Soweto              26.12.76            

Mshelwane, Lawrence  Soweto27          26.12.76             Gunshot wounds to abdomen

Mshudulu, Welili R         Gugulethu          23          11.8.76  Shot in chest from front

Mrwebi, DanielGugulethu          23          12.8.76  Shot in stomach from front

Msimanga, Mbekiseni   Soweto              26.12.76            

Mteto, Temba   Gugulethu          21          31.8.76

Mthembo, John              Soweto              26.12.76            

Mthembu, Reuben         Soweto19          26.12.76            

Mthemba, Mzinane                    27          14.9.756             Body was found after crowd dispersed

Mthombeni, M.              Soweto              26.12.76             Attacked by thugs

Mtshadi, SimonSoweto              26.12.76            

Mubuya, Bennett           Soweto              26.12.76            

Mukel, Dennis   Soweto              26.12.76            

Muller, Jurie      Elsies' River        16          9.9.76   Shot in side of head and upper body

Mutlane, Herman                        42                       Bullet wound through head

Mvukuse, Rebson, T      Gugulethu                       17.9.76Shot

Mzwamadoda, M.B.A.  Langa    35          11.8.76  Shot in right shoulder from behind

Mzila, Hezia       Soweto              26.12.76            

Mziwoke, Jan Lloyd                     35          18.6.76  Gunshot wound to chest

Nabuka, Ambrose          Soweto              26.12.76            

Nare, Michael   Mamelodi                       31.12.76            

Ncube, Daniel   Soweto              26.12.76             Bullet wound to hip

Ndau, Herbert   Soweto              26.12.76            

Ndebele, Zuzele              Soweto              26.12.76            

Ndibongo, Michael         Soweto              26.12.76            

Ndingane, Mzimkhulu   Gugulethu          11          14.9.76Shot in stomach from front

Ndlela, Hector   Soweto20          26.12.76            

Ndlovu, H.J.       Soweto              26.12.76             Bullet wound to forehead

Ndlovu, Jimmy  Soweto              26.12.76            

Ndlovu, Lesley HastingsSoweto17          16.6.76

Ndlovu, Obed    Soweto16          26.12.76            

Ndlovu, Timothy             Soweto36          18.6.76

Ndou, Herber    Soweto              26.12.76            

Nduna, Sifanelo K.          Langa    38          11.8.76  Shot in small of back and loin from behind

Ndunga, Nicholas S.       Gugulethu          22          11.8.76  Shot in chest from front at bottle store

Ndzube, Norman B.       Gugulethu                       4.12.76  Shot dead

Ngaba, Wellington          Soweto              26.12.76             Shot

Ngabi, Joseph M.            Camps Bay         22          11.8.76  Shot dead

Ngcobo, Oben   Soweto17          26.12.76            

Nqcobo, Thuthuka                      16          15.9.76  Gunshot wounds

Nqcobo, Eric                   16                       Shot in head

Ngemane, Morris           Soweto              26.12.76            

Ngobeni, HarrySoweto26          26.12.76            

Ngobeni, Johannes         Mabopane                      31,12,76            

Ngoma, Tennyson          Soweto              26.12.76            

Ngubene, Aaron             Soweto              26.12.76            

Ngubene, Vusimuzi        Soweto34          26.12.76            

Ngwenya, Amon Vusi    Soweto              26.12.76            

Ngwenya, Stanley           Soweto34          17.6.76

Nhlapo, Timothy             Soweto31          26.12.76            

Nixkey, Basil W.              Manenberg        41          9.9.76   Shot in back at Green Dolphin Bottle Store

Nkabinde, Fanyana        Soweto17          26.12.76             Stab wounds to chest and heart

Nkambule, David            Soweto              26.12.76            

Nkangana, Zacharia       Nyanga18          26.12.76             Shot dead

Nkata, Samuel   Soweto              26.12.76            

Nkofu, Mnyane, Jacob   Soweto              26,12,76            

Nkomo, Eric       Soweto17          26.12.76            

Nkonyane, Norurau       Soweto34          10.8.76

Nkosi, Jacob      Pretoria, Mamelodi                     31.12.76            

Nkosi, Monica   Soweto6            1.8.76  

Nkosi, Patrick    Soweto20          23.8.76  Bullet wound through neck. Shot when fled from arrest

Nkuta, Gordon  Soweto19          25.7.76

Nkutha, H.P.      Alexandra                       26.12.76             Shot