DARC Tribute to Our Ancestors Poster

Standard Size: 12" X 18" 


This classical artwork was created in to pay homage to the Ancestors of the Rastafari movement. It also aligns with DARC's annual Tribute to the Martyrs event held in honor of the Ethiopian Martyrs day (Ye-Ithiopia Sematat) February 19. This day was designated by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie 1st. DARC recognizes this day and aims to preserve it forever. With this memento, you can help to preserve also!

The name of each person is listed at the bottom of the poster. It depicts the Rastafari ancestors in thier trans-Atlantic struggle. The bloody corridor, the severing of Africans umbilical cord.

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Please inquire for the cost of framing.


Custom sizes available upon request