Metu Neter: Vol. 6 The Ra Initiation System

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Learn the 75 ancient words of power (hekau, mantras) that have been used for over 6000 years by initiates of the major Black civilizations for awakening and developing the faculties of the spirit, and the brain. The knowledge of how to awaken talent and genius in people was the means through which these civilizations (Ancient Egypt, Black India, Sumer, etc.) forged ahead of all others. It is what enabled them to originate and excel in mathematics, geometry, science, writing, literature, astronomy, astrology, medicine, architecture, art, government, religion, and much more. The book explains in great detail how to use the 75 words of power to improve your life in over 200 areas of life.

Your spirit is directly responsible for everything that happens in your life. Using the spirit as our chief means for achieving our goals in the world and for well being is what God intended for man.

The Ancient Egyptians discovered the two elements that enabled one to have full control over the operations of the spirit, the 11 Divine Laws, and the words of power that correspond to the 11 chief faculties of the spirit (Ra) the Paut Neteru.

This book is a full curriculum on how to use the faculties of the spirit and 72 of their mantras (words of power) to awaken and develop the talents you need to excel in yuor career (lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, community developers, business, entrepreneurs, and the whole gamut). You will also learn to protect yourself against spiritual attacks, unjust actions of others, unjust legal situations, theft, treachery, and so forth.

This knowledge which was perfectly codified in Ancient Egypt has been kept secret by a few initiates for the past 2000 years for fear of repression, except for a few spurious publications here and there that failed to give the full explanation on how to use these words of powers. The time has come as has been announced by the winter solstice of 2012 for this knowledge to be placed in the hands of all spiritual people, that they may bring blessings to the world.

By Ra Un Nefer Amen