The African-American Historical News Journal

The African-American Historical News Journal offers 178 years of our country's history as documented through actual newspaper articles. ... From the Black heroes of the Civil War to the success of Madam C.J. Walker to glory of Jessie Owens and more. This historical document is a must read for all students to ensure a deeper appreciation of African-American struggles and triumphs throughout our history.

The introduction of The African-American Historical News Journal to a broad range of audiences is essential. The African-American legacy and contributions have been all but forgotten in the 21st Century. This news journal passes on the African-American importance in the founding of our nation by providing actual documented history as reported at the time. The African-American Historical News Journal uniquely captures not only the facts of the day but the emotion as felt by the people experiencing it at the time. This heightened reality creates a more robust learning experience for today's readers and is quite different from reading a historian's recap of past events.

The African-American Historical News Journal is a wonderful investment in history and in increasing awareness and acceptance in any environment. The absorbing stories in this book will enlighten and inspire all who read it.